What PA's U.S. House delegation said about the impeachment vote (December 18, 2019)


Scott Perry feigns ignorance of Ukraine's strategic importance to U.S. national security to protect Trump from impeachment (WaPo, November 26, 2019)


ROLL CALL: Scott Perry is the country's 10th most vulnerable House incumbent (PoliticPA, November 8, 2019)


Opinion: Who Did House Condemn Again (York Dispatch, October 18, 2019)


National Journal's Hotline ranks the 20 House seats most likely to flip: #8 Scott Perry, (September 27, 2019)


Pennsylvania congressional vulnerability baseline ratings for 2020 (PoliticsPA, August, 2019)


Scott Perry joins conservatives citing mental health issues as factor in mass shootings; research says otherwise (PennLive, August, 2019)


PA Governor Tom Wolf calls for banning assault weapons; targeting white nationalism (WHYY, August, 2019)


Cook Political Report issues 2020 election ratings; PA10 rated "toss up" (Cook Political Report, August 2, 2019)


Perry blames low town hall attendance on fake news and liberal spite (York Dispatch, August 1, 2019)


Activist claims constituents blocked from GOP Rep's public town hall (Talking Points Memo, August 1, 2019)


Rep. Scott Perry held a town hall in a 200 person capacity firehose; only 60 people were allowed inside (Roll Call, July 30, 2019)


At town hall, Perry jousts over Trump, immigration, and guns (U.S. News & World Report, July 30, 2019)

Scott Perry tacitly endorses Trump's racist tweets; takes to alt-right media to praise him (Penn-Live, July 16, 2019; America First: Sebastian Gorka, July 12, 2019)


PA's marketplace exchange expained: Why a healthcare insurance proposal easily won bipartisan support (Penn Capital-Star, July 3, 2019)


Democrats eye Pennsylvania district that become more favorable turf in 2018 redraw (Roll Call, July 2, 2019)


184 House Republicans just voted against securing elections (ThinkProgress, July 1, 2019)


Scott won't challenge Perry in 2020, potentially clearing the way for DePasquale (York Dispatch, July 28, 2019)


PA House votes to eliminate cash assistance for adults with disabilities, addiction, domestic abuse victims (Penn Capital-Star, July 19, 2019)


Outrage after Trump says he'd accept dirt on political opponents from foreign agents (Sinclair Broadcast Group, June 13, 2019)


Republicans push back on cash Wolf wants for new voting machines (WITF, June 12, 2019)


Three maps that explain what a DePasquale vs. Perry fight in PA-10 would look like (Penn Cap-Star, June 5, 2019)


House to pass $19 billion disaster aid bill & send it to Trump (WaPo, June 3, 2019)


State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale leaning toward congressional run (PennLive, June 1, 2019)


Rothman's spending questioned in role chairing Cumberland County Republican Party (Carlisle Sentinel, May 18, 2019)

183 Republicans vote against bill protecting people with pre-existing conditions (ThinkProgress, May 10, 2019)


House passes bill to force U.S. to stay in Paris Climate Agreement (WaPo, May 2, 2019)


Reps overseeing pipeline safety are profiting from pipeline companies (Sludge, May 1, 2019_


157 Republicans just opposed renewing the Violence Against Women Act (HuffPost, April 5, 2019)


Scott Perry votes against Paycheck Fairness Act  (Vox, March 27, 2019)


Scott Perry scores 100% from ultra conservative "Family Research Council" (PennCapital-Star, March 13, 2019)


Perry withholds support for Chesapeake Bay Program (York Dispatch, March 3, 2019)


Emily's List targets three PA congressman for 2020 (PoliticsPA, March 1, 2019)


Perry stokes climate controversy with Twitter post (The Sentinel, February 26, 2019)

Scotty, can you hear them? Indivisible group says U.S. Rep Perry isn't answering town hall invite, (Penn Capital-Star, February 21, 2019)


Protesters in Harrisburg cry foul on President Trump's declaration of national emergency (PennLive, February 18, 2019)


How PA’s Congressional delegation reacted to Trump’s emergency declaration (Penn Capital-Star, February 15, 2019)


On the agenda for Pennsylvania’s DSA-backed freshmen: small steps toward a larger progressive vision (Pennsylvania Capital-Star, February 12, 2019)


How a blue wave and a red response explain a divided Pennsylvania (Phila Inquirer, February 10, 2019)


House passes NATO bill to send strong message to Trump (CNN, January 22, 2019)


Gov. Wolf forms commission to examine redistricting (PennLive, November 29, 2018)


First they marched, then they mobilized: how the resistance swayed the midterms (The Guardian, November 11, 2018)

Key "resistance" group plots how newly elected repos can take on Trump...and Democratic leaders (NBC News, November 13, 2018)


Cumberland County's West Shore suburbs show large leftward shift in voting (Carlisle Sentinel, November 13, 2018)


How did U.S. Rep. Scott Perry keep his seat? Outside money, home cooking and turnout (PennLive, November 12, 2018)


Let the people vote: America finally has a pro- democracy movement (NYTimes, November 11, 2018)


Indivisible, an Early Anti-Trump Group, Plans for a Democratic Future (New Yorker, November 9, 2018)

Scott and King to make America decent again, (York Dispatch, November 2, 2018)


Pre-existing conditions shape election debate over healthcare, (PAPost, November 2, 2018)


Election battles abound for PA House seats, (PennLive, November 2, 2018)


YDR Board Endorses George Scott over Scott Perry, (YDR, October 30, 2018)

Supreme Court turns away Pennsylvania electoral map dispute (Reuters, October 29, 2018)


For U.S. Congress: Democrat George Scott is the best choice (PennLive, October 26, 2018)

Perry, Scott square off on immigration, international trade and other issues (WITF, October 19, 2018)

Different visions: U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, challenger George Scott take big stage (PennLive, October 18, 2018)

PA10: Scott Nearly Triples Perry in Q3 Fundraising; Candidates Even with Cash on Hand (PoliticsPA , October 17, 2018)


Election 2018: Perry, Scott appear in Harrisburg along with statehouse race candidates (Carlisle Sentinel, October 16, 2018)


Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales moves PA 10th Congressional District from Likely R to Lean R (Vol. 2, Issue 19, September 28, 2018)


Rep. Scott Perry, George Scott clash over Freedom Caucus during debate (York Dispatch, September 19, 2018)


Takeaways from the congressional debate between Scott Perry and George Scott (York Daily Record, September 19, 2018)


Pa. 10th District U.S. House candidates share a table at Rotary forum, share differences on issues (PennLive, September 19, 2018)


Scott Perry and GOPers block move to release Trump-Putin summit docs to Congress (Grassroots Dem Politics, September 14, 2018)

George Scott and Scott Perry to Debate on September 19, 2018 (Rotary Club of York, PA Release, September 13, 2018)


Democrats look to make history in Pennsylvania's new 10th District (PennLive, September 13, 2018)


CNN Key Races: 11 House seats move toward Democrats, 3 in direction of Republicans (CNN, September 2, 2018)


GOP lawmakers Perry and Smucker face tough re-election bids (WITF, August 29, 2018)


House: Three More GOP Seats Join the Toss Up Column (PA10 changes from Likely R to Lean R (Cook Political Report, August 15, 2018)


Congressional Candidates Talk Real Estate & Construction (CPBJ, August 10, 2018)


'He's way too conservative': Freedom Caucus members on the hot seat (Politico, August 4, 2018)

'Young and naive’? Inside Pennsylvania’s nation-leading youth voter surge (The Incline, July 30, 2018)

As Perry pushes for Rosenstein impeachment, Scott fires back (York Dispatch, July 26, 2018)


George Scott Statement on Articles of Impeachment Against Dep. AG Rod Rosenstein (July 26, 2018)


House Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein (CBS News, July 25, 2018)


Pa. Republican congressman: 'I can't get into the president's mind' on Russia meddling (PennLive, July 24, 2018)

Here's how to restore democracy in Pa., that's truly of, for, and by the people | Opinion (PennLive, July 20, 2108)


CRI Endorses George Scott for PA's 10th Congressional District (July 10, 2018)

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